Industry Dialogue

Industry Dialogue

Linking our passion of stone and helping connect it with other elements in your daily life.

10 Marble Bathrooms We’re Swooning Over RN

Marble is sometimes a controversial material when you’re talking kitchen counters. It’s easy to stain it, and is not necessarily simple to care for and maintain. However, when we’re talking marble in the bathroom, it’s hard to find any marble haters out there…

Color Theory & Interior Design

Color theory is the examination of how color can affect how a person reacts to the colors they see. In interior design, this can be used to create a space that has a distinct look, evokes a desired mood, or encompasses a particular style.

Marble Makes an Appearance at Fashion Week

The presentation was quite a stunning sight. One of the rooms of the elegant Palazzo Clerici was transformed in a wondrous, immersive space, its walls and ceiling entirely wallpapered with enlarged reproductions of thousands of marble samples. “The story is quite special,” explained Zanini when asked about the unusual choice. Here it is: In 1862, a geologist started collecting marble and stones—combing the archaeological sites of ancient Rome. In the span of a couple of decades, he’d amassed an encyclopedic heap of geological wonders, thousands of little slabs all precisely cut into small squares of the same size.